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migration failue

the migration failure was an early map failure, caued by human error.

it has caused the continued loss of many developments in the slow lowlands area.

here is a chronological order of events:

  1. the disk space on the server runs low (this was caused by backups sitting in trash, consuming disk space)
  2. 56i mistakenly decides to migrate to a USB, using cut and paste.
  3. he gets bored and boots up the server in the new direction.
  4. during this migration, bodhi linux forces 56i to rename files due to overwriting. 56i skips, and loses the map.sqlite.
  5. he gets a stream of cold blood, and realises the extent of his mistake.
  6. he ends up in a resultless search for a moderately-updated version of map.sqlite

the three paths

56i could take any of three paths for the server:

  1. continue his search for that one database
  2. painstakingly rebuild from the latest map.sqlite and a few screenshots.
  3. remove all evidence of the lost buildings from public eyes, and make different ones
  4. keep the buildings on the wiki, but with a discalimer saying it does not exist. build better ones

56i chose #4.

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