hello, it is me, 56independent. i am here to say sorry… to nobody and myself. you see, i have launched the server publicly for an entire week whilst it had various security holes. now, i could


dokuwiki open to everyone editing

here, we had a group of people wildly editing the wiki, submitting files and images. in this case, i closed of editing acess for the short term, and for the long term, i will enable a captcha, and disable unregistered user editing.

free file browsing

with the current setup, it was free to browse directories, like php.ini files. this was a huge security flaw, and was the cause of much grief. so, i disabled this in a conf file.

my advice

i have suffered these security flaws. here is my advice:

  • make a reliable way of “unplugging” your system from the internet. make it quick, so that if such errors happen, it is easy to go offline and fix everything.
  • everyone who uses your products are evil. make sure they can’t do their evil things.
  • break your things using the public interface before others can.
  • it can be a pain to restart – make a script to start the server up again.

what i did today

hello! it is 56i, the teenage sysadmin. today, i made a half-hourly status reporter. it posts to the pastebin, using a perl script. i am proud of it.

and yes, whilst this may not seem like much, it’s ok to take nice, long breaks from programming.


the controversy

this morning, kylie jenner was discovered to have an arm in this shocking image:

kylie jenner's SHOCKING arm photo

as you can see, there is an ARM! this shocking relevation reveals so much! what if other celebrities have arms?

how to live with this fact

ok, now kylie jenner has an arm. how could you possibly live knowing this fact? you cant. go to the nearest hospital, and get onto a life support machine. kylie jenner has an arm. an arm!

5 DIRTY Things That WILL Make Your GRANDFATHER Stronger

1 – gardening

gardening makes your hands all brown, so is considered dirty.

2 – gym equipment

have you ever considered how horrible gym equipment is? everyone sweats on it. and uses unwashed hands.

3 – construction work

grandfarthers sometime want to build entire new sheds. so they get the wood, the hammer, and build. undoubtedly it makes them stronger, but construction material is dirty.

4 – removing asbestos

asbestos is horrible. no more mention of it shall occur.

5 – dragging the vacuum cleaner up the stairs

vacuum cleaner dirty. vacuum cleaner heavy.


1 – you can’t say no

every grandmother knows you can’t say no to their polite offers. they use this fact to utilize you as a food waste outlet. those weird, aincent sweets? too old for your grandmother, so they just feed them to you. every wondered why they can stand their food, but you cant? thats because they use you as an outlet for old vegtables.

2 – you’re stronger then them

grandmothers know you are much stronger then them. so they utilise you as free labour. if they want you to move their furniture one freedom unit to the left, you will do it, because you can’t say no.

if they need the hydrangeas moved to the other side of the garden, they wont do it themselves. they will force you using manners, and the fact you can’t say no to move them for them.

3 – you have x

sometimes grandmothers need things. and they dont have it. so they take yours, with permission. and you can’t say no. so you give it to them.

Can The ghost of Steve Jobs Save Javascript?


but only physically. metaphorically? well… that is the point of this blog post.

you see, in his 1997 speech “web development and javascript” (wich every developer should watch, annotate, write an essay on, and devote a month to), he goes over javascript, and it’s potential usecases in web development. he was right.

but after his speech was shunned for what was interpreted as clockophoic language, javascript began to falter, with less developers focusing on the speech.

now, javascript is steady in decline, as “kotlinscript” is taking over the world. but javascript has numerous benifits over “kotlinscript”. namely, it supports NCAS script-types. this means that javascript is being steadily replaced for a worse language.

but, the age of javascript may not be at an end. new programmers are finding out about the speech, and finding that javascript, even in it’s earlier form, is superior to kotlinscript. the ghost of steve jobs is saving javascript, rejoice!

note: this entire blog post is just fake. it is from a random headline generator, and was fun to write.

my thoughts on perl and python


this post aims to sum up my opinions on these two languages.


python is an amazing language. it has a huge library of modules, and is brilliant for beggining. it enforces good habits, with it’s standards being strict, and forced indentation, it forces you to develop good habits.


i love perl. and i am using it big-time. it has loose standards, so i feel free to program how i wish. it is a relaxed, calm language.

satire programming


you want to be a programmer? follow these (saterical) steps:

the steps

get proper software

first, you need to get proper software. download adobe’s “programming essentials” software pack, and get matlab’s “programming backbone”. this will allow your computer to actually program.

learn the skills

just search up “hacking tutorial”. you dont need to click any links


use your software, and program!


programming is mainly nothing but writing text files. use the offical python tutorial to find out how to use python. then, after you have used python for a few months, use a different language.

there is no hacking involved. i have never hacked in my programming career. hacking is a cool hobby, but does not have my skillset.

programming is mainly writing to a computer, telling it your wishes.

fuck year 7

Anyways, year 7s are fucking annoying. They are shitty, annoying creatures. They are pests which swarm the school. They are strange, evil, and act like primary school children. Year 8 is a little better. But they are still shitty little cretins. We need to discuss ways to eradicate them. I suggest putting them in a separate school, with reinforced walls, strong windows, and very strict teachers. It will teach them what to do, and will make them behave better. And then, we can have peace, relaxing in lessons. And don’t even tell  me I used to be 7. I was. And do you not think I regret not bunking off? No? Wrong. I was such a pest to the school. It is lucky I am no longer such a pest, and I stick like some parasite to my computers. 



this post is meant as an introduction to crontab, and it’s various merits. it is only available in linux. mac, and other OSs you might use.


crontab is the tool i use for automation. it allows you to specify dates and times for your scripts to run. try using to mess around with dates.

the main thing with crontab is that you can specify any amount of time, and have a command to execute at the end. to edit your crontab, it’s crontab -e, put into your terminal. just add your (cron)task at the end, with each task being on it’s own line.


the main thing i use crontab for is general backup tasks, like zipping the home directory on the webserver, or taking care of minetest.